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Metastasis of the IrGoWL

The Cancer of Craziness

#milo #breakfast #run #2013… Success!

Well hellllllllo sexayy

This is what happen when I don’t get to eat my lat jiu pan mee… Stuff myself with rice

Laksa johor FTW!!! (at Restoran Wadihana (Islamic Kitchen), Seksyen 9, Bandar Baru Bangi)

Perks of the job… Claps

#breakfast of the day. <3

Gigantic pimple on face

A pimple that takes forever to go away will always stays around… Even however many different kind of pimple cream you use. This is what you call stubborn pimple and the best way to heal it is to ignore. P/S: All these are metaphores

After a long hiatus..

Great… after a long hiatus from the blogging world, I am finally back… all thanks to my handy dandy Windows Surface RT… My pride… my baby… 😃…

Well nothing much has happen since I last posted (I think that was almost a year ago…) but lotsa things have change. Not drastically.. but for the better.
I am loving my life now, although I spend most of my time in the lab… I love my friends… I love my labmates… I strongly believe truce happiness is when you are loving what you do, in other words, you work.
Nothing much to say now… I will update more often now I think (fingers crossed)… but for now… let me rest and sleep coz tomorrow is a working day for me… (yeah, Sundays too 😏)
Good night for now humans…and not. Love you guys. Xoxo

Well hellllllllo #surface. What to name you??? Hmmm

Hello! Meet Sheldon the green giraffe. My life is complete! Thanks @sykxian @ayunadyera @andrewgohth and cat